segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

Meet your shadow

Our shadow is any part or ourselves, any energy within us, or any aspect of our being or personalities that we have not recognized, embraced, and expressed as a natural part of our daily lives. Like our shadow on a sunny day, it follow us wherever we go. It cnnot be gotten rid of by ignoring it or by wishing it would go away. It is truly a part of us that desires our love and acceptance, that follows us around until we notice it and deal with it.
Your shadow is made up of whatever natural energies you have repressed or disowned. Energies that have been held down for a long time build up a lot of unexpressed power that can feel very frightening to confront. In essence, though, they are all natural and necessary energies that we need in order to live our lives successfully. To gain access to these energies we must find a way to begin getting acquainted with our shadow inside.